Now, we are at the last phase of what we call Global Vision 2020, the Embassy Multi-Ministry Center. Our goal is to pay off and renovate the present Mtn. Vista Inn into a state of the art ministry and Body Builders Television Network studios; The Embassy Church of God in Christ;  become recognized as a premiere Christian event and Retreat Center; Lunch Buffet Restaurant; Bed & Breakfast Inn; Harambe Boutique and Bookstore and headquarters for the Embassy Liberia Missions.

Our location in Murphy (Cherokee County) North Carolina features breathtaking views and tourist sites of the surrounding Smokey and Blueridge mountains including the Great Smokey Mountain National Park and the Fields of the Woods Bible Park featuring the worlds largest Ten Commandments spread over the backdrop of the mountains. Our goals is the make the Embassy Multi-Ministry Center a powerful location for ministry and music as well as one of the number one locations for  Faith Based Tourism; especially the African American Faith based community because Drs. Will and Brenda Chambliss are Pastors in the Church of God in Christ ( the world’s largest African American Pentecostal denomination with over 6.5 million members and congregations in 63 countries around the world including Israel.

Our primary source of generating revenue presently are in-house hosted events, donations, Member ship fees from *Ne Pham [Next Phase Ministry Network International], the membership organization since 1998 that networks Small Church Pastors, Itinerate Ministries, Independent Gospel Music Artist and Entrepreneurs and starting 2018 be a source for guest for in house hosted events; and subscriptions to the Body Builders Television Network channel tier of 15 channels.

Below, watch a preview of what you can see on Body Builders Television Network as well as upcoming events. Make sure to visit the Body Builders Television network page for additional information.  Please pray about planting seed into the good ground of the Embassy Multi-Ministry Center. Our motto: "Embrace the Vision...Impact the Kingdom...Invest in your Destiny.'  Click here to donate and we have excellent partner gifts; books, cd's and DVD’s. 

Click here to register:Pastors & Leaders One Day Summit.  

Saturday October 14th:  10:00 am - 2:00 pm.

Below watch the original One Day Summit Spot from 2005.

Body  Builders Television  Network

The Embassy Church of God in Christ

Welcome to the Embassy Multi-Ministry Center website. Finally, after almost 20 years, Founders Dr. W. C. Chambliss, III & DR. Brenda Miller-Chambliss have one website site that brings all aspects of the ministry together. Our focus continues in four areas: Ministry, Media, Missions and Marketplace Ministry.  You know the expression 'a picture is worth a thousand words?' 

Well, Google search and our extensive video library which covers over 20 years of individual ministry and then 19 years of ministry together as a team. We hope you will bel blessed, encouraged and your faith strengthened as you watch our videos and see how only God brought us through to make the vision a reality. What He did for us He can do for you!!!!



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