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Welcome to the  ministries of The Embassy where the founders are Dr. Will Chambliss and Dr. Brenda Miller-Chambliss. Our founders believe in the Five Fold ministry gifts and operate as; Apostle, Prophetess, Pastor, Evangelist and Teacher.

They are Media Missionaries as the founders of Body Builders Television Network now entering it's 20th year, Proclaiming and Promoting the Classical Pentecostal Experience and Lifestyle streaming 24/7.  Besides being Body Builders TV Founders, they Host and produce several broadcast together and individually.

Like Abraham, Dr Will & Dr Brenda Chambliss were called to the Mountains.

Dr. Will Chambliss, standing inside The Tabernacle of the WNC Church of God Camprgound with Bishop Ken Bell, Administrative Bishop of the Western North Carolina Church of God. 

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Click here for Body Builders Television Network streaming 24/7. 

In a day an time when there are so many ministry 'renegades' operating without covering or under any authority, we want to make sure that it's known that even though we have individual ministry outreaches like Body Builders Television Network ( and networks like the Embassy Apostolic Center (click here) that  these ministry outreaches and events are operating under authority which opens a flow for the anointing and the Holy Ghost to move freely. The Embassy Christian Center Church of God in Christ is a part of the Greater North Carolina Jurisdiction (click here) Bishop Leroy Jackson Woolard, Jurisdictional Prelate and Mother Harrizene Keyes, Supervisior of Women.  











The Embassy also host; Revival Crusades; Boot Camp; Conferences, Retreats and Concerts. These spirit filled events are designed to introduce our Classical Pentecostal experience through testimonies and examples through our worship and the Word of God. Our demographics is our portion of Western North Carolina is 1% African American and predominantly Southern Baptist.  We are believing God for a Holy Ghost Revival that will save souls and stimulate the Saints of God to get busy making disciples. 

When you attend one of our sponsored events or support Body Builders Television Network, you are partnering with the Embassy Christian Center Church of God in Christ in Whittier and Cherokee, North Carolina, home of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Unlike many ministries like ours, our Covenant Pastors and Partners (click here) have additional opportunities to bring their ministry gifts and talents to The Embassy to be  shared with our local community and television audience. 

Because our area is a open mission field ready to be harvested and not familiar with many 'names' of people in ministry, it makes it easy and affordable for us to bring more services to the area. If you are from our area and not familiar with the Classical Pentecostal church, you will be blessed. You can watch Body Builders Television Network ( and Embassy TV ( our church TV channel,  24/7 streaming on smart and  android phones;  IPAD and on your home television on Roku,  the number one streaming  platform in the country.

It's not church as usual at The Embassy. We are a local church and Regional Apostolic Hub for the southeast: Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee. In January, we will launch, Regional Vision 2030, our ten year vision to use our media ministry, Body Builders Television Network (, streaming Classical Pentecostal programming 24/7 to promote Holy Ghost Revivals the Western North Carolina and the Southeast Region; Boot Camp: Media, Evangelism and Discipleship Training and Resources from a Classical Pentecostal Perspective and produce a anointed  local church and training center that would raise up end time Leaders, especially Cherokee and Native Americans that can go back and reach their people who are more culturally and socially connected (click here)Once again, we thank you for taking the time to visit our websites and we encourage you in whatever way you can, Get Connected to the Embassy. 

On Sunday August 11th, 2019, we officially  celebrated our 7th year in the Western North Carolina Mountains (click) and launched the Embassy Christian Center Church of God in Christ Church Plant in Whittier, North Carolina located just off the home of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indian Reservation in Cherokee, North Carolina.

Our services, events and Body Builders Television Network studios ( are located on the Western North Carolina Church of God Campground and Assembly in the Gateway Conference Center. 


We are truly unique ministry in the area as African American Classical Pentecostal's but we are here on assignment. We are expecting a last day move of God: signs and wonders, miracles, healing, deliverance, praise and worship and people being filled and baptized with the Holy Ghost  with the evidence of speaking in tongues, according to Acts 2: 15 - 19. That move of God starts with, Revival. We are a teaching, training and equiping ministry that God is using to bring racial reconcilation while recoginizing our culture; especially that of African American and Native Americans.

True Holy Ghost Revival breaks barriers; color; denominational; gender; economic and yes political. We believe God has a assignment for Western North Carolina and it involves a Supernatual, Sanctified, Holy Ghost Outpouring. God gave us Body Builders Television Network ( now celebrating it's 19th year as a 24/7 streaming television network offering programming from a Classical Pentecostal Perspective. We are excited about our partnership with the Western North Carolina Church of God Campground and Gateway Conference Center (click here)  giving us the opportunity to use this awesome facility as the home of our local church, Body Builders Television Network studios (click here) and venue for Revivals, Boot Camp, Conferences, Retreats and Conventions. Our tourist friendly location is near the Great Smokey Mountain National Park  and  Cherokee, North Carolina, home of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Welcome to the Embassy!!!






We  are a part of the Land of the Sky Asheville District, Asheville, North Carolina (click here). Our District Superintendent is Supt. Samuel L. Payne, Jr; First Lady is Janice Payne and our District Missionary is Mother Jacquelyn Shade. We have been a part of the Church of God In Christ since 1973 with our former Bishops; the late Bishop C. D Kinsey, Bishop Edward Robinson, Sr. and General Board Member Bishop Matthew Williams. 

The Embassy Christian Center Church of God in Christ is a church plant located at  87 Vinewood Circle, Whittier, North Carolina and Cherokee, home of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. During this process as we are reaching out to introduce ourselves and the ministry to our community in a variety of ways.  We have weekly online Bible Studys on Facebook (click here) and on Embassy TV (click here) our very own 24/7 streaming and weekly church service (seasonal) at the Church of God Campground and Conference Center and finally On on One Meet and Greets. We are often seen in the community at events, Community Clubs and our Faith Works Free Clothing Outreach.  If you want to make a difference in your 2020 walk with God, get connected. 

Here is more info on the history and ministry of Dr Will Chambliss and Dr Brenda Miller Chambliss. Two ministries, Abundant Life Community Church, Incorporated, Dr. Will, Pastor and Founded in 1994 and Perfecting Saints Christian Center, Church of God in Christ, Dr. Brenda, Pastor and Founded in 1993.  These two ministries merged into on in two thousand and became the Embassy Christian Center Church of God in Christ, Co-Pastored by Dr. Will & Dr. Brenda in Ocala, Florida. Initial the ministry continued under Bishop Edward Robinson, Sr in Jacksonville and upon relocation, General Board member Bishop Matthew Williams who officially licensed Dr Will in the Church of God in Christ.  

In 2012, we hosted our Kingdom Investment Conference in St. Augustine, Florida with special Guest Actor and Humanitarian Mr. Danny Glover (click here to watch)It was that meeting that lead us to Ducktown, Tennessee and the Western North Carolina Mountains; Destiny. Our question has always been, why would God send to Classical Pentecostal African American Pentecostals into a totally different demographic than we were used to. The area is predominantly Southern Baptist and Caucasian (white). Western North Carolina totally from Asheville, NC to Murphy and everything in between has less than 2% African American.

We are here to be who we are and do what we do; we are Pastors, Preacher, Apostles, Media Producers, Event Host and Classical American Pentecostals and Church of God in Christ. We are hand clapping foot stomping, tongue talking dancing in the Sprit, Holy Ghost filled, Pentecostals. We came to Western North Carolina lead of the Holy Ghost to usher in Revival and Body Builders Television Network ( our 24/7 streaming channel will be a tool in taking the message to the region and the world.

In planning for our Pentecostal Celebration Conference, we chose the Church of God Campground and Conference Center in 2017 for our event (click here). It was to be more than one event however, it is now our location for events; Body Builders Television Network ( televisions tapings and the Embassy Christian Center Church of God in Christ Church plant. Make sure to click here for our Church Plant schedule.