Dr. Brenda Miller-Chambliss;

Director of Media & Women's Ministry  Director


Dr Brenda Miller-Chambliss is a native of Palatka Florida. She has been in media and ministry since 1979. She was the Publisher  of BrightSide Magazine , GO-Publisher of Harambe Magazine with Dr. W. C. Chambliss, III, Radio and TV host since the early 80's and founding pastor of Perfecting Saints Christian Center, Church of God in In Christ 1993 until submitting to the leadership of Dr 'C' in 2000.  Dr Brenda is the CEO of Embassy Media Group and handles all of the PR, Marketing, Soecial Events,  etc for all of the ministries  of the Embassy. 




Elder Marcus Peck, III and Missionary Teral L. Peck, are board members of the Embassy Christian Center Church of God in Christ since 2000 and serve as Cell Group Directors for the Embassy of Palm Coast (Florida).

Administratively, Elder Peck serves as IT Director. Missionary Peck serves as the Director of Family Counseling and is a licensed professional counselor. 


Pastor Moses Dean    

Embassy of Liberia , Monrovia, Liberia 

Since 2005, Pastor Moses has done all the ground work for establishing the  Embassy of Liberia as a recognized entity in Liberia since 2005. Pastors Moses is the lead pastor of the Embassy of Liberia and coordinates all efforts for the Embassy Pastors Network with 135 Pastors.





Dr. W. C. Chambliss, III - Pastor

Murphy & Sylva, North Carolina

 Apostle: Embassy of Monrovia and Katata,Liberia

Producer & Director

Body Builders Television Network


Dr. W. C. Chambliss, III is a native of Jacksonville, Florida. Divine intervention interupted of path to a professional basketball career and lead him into the ministry in 1994. Serving as a bi-vocational Pastor, he was a long shoreman for 28 years, recieved grants for "Project Abundant Life" after school feeding and tutorial program, was recognized as having one of the first HIV and Aids test sites at the height of the crisis.  He is the CO-Founder of the Body Builders Television Network, Producer and Director and the Embassy Empowerment Leadership Network. He is married to DR. Brenda Miller-Chambliss.