Drs. Will & Brenda Chambliss & International Missions President of the Church of God in Christ, Bishop Vincent Matthews, Jr at the 2017 AIM Convention in Charlotte, NC. Dr Brenda stands with Liberia flag. 

The Embassy Global Ministry Network, Monrovia, Liberia was founded by The Embassy Church of God in Christ Pastors, Drs. Will & Brenda Chambliss in 2005. With less than 1% African American missionaries in the US and the historical connection with Liberia to the US; their goal is to raise funds for and awareness about Liberia.

As Pastors; they are concerned about evangelical outreach which is done through empowering Liberian Pastors with donations. Missions with dignity gives a hand up not a hand out. We need to save lives first; then souls. "'Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it?  James 2:15-16 "Save a Life; then a Soul".

Samuel Williams died of malaria April 25, 2012: ironically that is World Malaria Day. He was 8.This ministry was birthed out of the 2004 L.I.F.E. [Leaders Institute For Excellence] Pastors & Leaders’ Summit. Being held at the Daytona Beach Hilton, this event was promoted heavy by e-blast; email and what was popular at that time My Space. 

Among the interest in information was a couple from Kakata, Liberia; Pastors Blately and Agnes Williams. Because of the great expense to come to  the US; instead we opted to sow into them and send them all the information from the summit. After sending the information, we began to learn more about them their ministry and need and began to send monthly seeds.  

Part of that support included money for mosquito nest. We were not familiar with malaria but would pray and send the funds to assist. Several times; we had to send more funds to cover hospital bills for Pastor Agnes; their oldest son Samuel and their youngest Elijah. After relocated from Florida to the North Ga mountains and then to North Carolina; there was little to send to Liberia. The need was even greater and without our funds, the family was put out of their home and slept in ditches and on the street. Samuel contracted malaria again and was hospitalized.

We sent out pleas; letters; phone calls but only one person from Utah (you know who you are) sent $250 which went straight to Liberia. Unfortunately; it was too little too late and Samuel Williams died on April 25, ironically World Malaria Day; he was 8. 

After this; intense research of Liberia; Malaria and Missions led to custom designing our own high end ITN (insecticide treated nets) mosquito nets with the ‘Embassy’ logo and using our media platform to raise funds and awareness for Liberia.



We established legally and organized the Embassy Global Ministry Network in Monrovia, Liberia in 2005 with Pastor Moses Dean as the Director. Under his leadership, we have 150 Pastors in the network. The Embassy Liberia Missions Boutiques help to raise funds and awareness for the ministry in Liberia. Below: Pastor Moses Dean of trhe Embassy Liberia Mission and some of our Pastors recieving a Embassy Liberia Mission Mosquito Net.