Since 1980, Dr Brenda had used the magazine she founded and published, BrightSide and her daily radio broadcast and new venture into television BrightSide TV Magazine to connect Pastors, Ministry and Business leaders through networking events; Power Lunches; Seminars and Conferences. When her company Jireh Communications a satellite and Home Entertainment business received the Florida contract to install DBS dishes for Bob Johnson and Sky Angel the entire vision for the future change.

In 1998, together with Dr. Chambliss Global Vision 2020 was birthed as our 20 year vision plan to rebrand The Embassy to take advantage of the changes in technology and how it would affect all aspects of our churches, ministries, business and even our everyday lives.   We wanted to have a recognizable group that would serve to connect our target audience and the Next Phase Ministry Network International (pronounced NeFam) was founded.

N.P.M.N.I. is a membership group is designed top build a partnership or strategic alliance based on trust, equality, respect and a mutual understanding of obligations. N.P.M.N.I. will provide its members with inspiration, education, information, resources and networking opportunities.

Because of today’s technology and the media ministry of Body Builders Television Network, we can reach more people with more resources daily with our 15-channel tier of programming and On Demand events that can be viewed live or when it’s convenient.

As a part of Global Vision 2020 N.P.M.N.I. was placed on the back burner in 2007 to focus on Body Builders Television Network and our relocation to the Smokey Mountains. Now, as we prepare to enter 2018, we are celebrating the 20th year anniversary of N.P.M.N.I. and the 18th year of Body Builders Television Network by introducing the new N.P.M.N.I.

Our membership benefits are awesome and reflect all aspects of our ministry. If you are a Pastor, Itinerant or Music or Arts Ministry, Author, or you have a product, service or resources that would benefit other N.P.M.N.I. Members, we encourage you to email for a N.P.M.N.I. Membership Package and application for membership to


Click the video to enjoy one of the original N.P.M.N.I.  promotional videos from 2005.