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Watch the End Time Prophetic Series below On Demand. Would you like to join and get a copy of the lesson that goes with each lesson? Click here to join today and get better prepared for the End Times, the Last Days, look around, they are here!!!!

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What do you know about End Time Prophecy, the Antichrist, the Mark of the Beast, or the Rapture? Drs. Will and Brenda Chambliss invite you to join the Embassy Church of God in Christ us for the Ultimate Bible Study on the Book of Revelation. This series is taught directly from the word of God and from a Classical Pentecostal Holiness Perspective. Before it’s over, we will have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost with the Evidence of Speaking in tongues and its necessity in these last and evil days.


On Sunday, January 2, 2022, we launched the series, " Maranatha: Even so Lord Jesus Come Quickly". This powerful teaching has become more than a series, but an Apostolic Mandate. 

The End Time Prophecy Ultimate Bible Study will take us from the Great Falling Away, The Rapture, Signs of Jesus' return, Wars and Rumors of Wars, the Anti-Christ, and more, all included in Revelations 22 Chapters. Whether you are seeking a local church, a Pastors Network and Fellowship, or you want to grow as a member of our Boot Camp for our Ultimate Bible Study Series, do not want to miss one of the most powerful, apostolic series being taught today about the End Times and the Last Days.