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The Embassy Church of God in Christ was a part of the Greater North Carolina Jurisdiction, Bishop Leroy Jackson Woolard, Jurisdictional Prelate and Mother Harrizene Keyes, Supervisior of Women.   We have been a part of the Church of God In Christ since 1973 with our former Bishops; the late Bishop C. D Kinsey,  and General Board Member  the late Bishop Matthew Williams.  We are  excited to be back with Florida Second Eccleasisital Jurisdiction Bishop Edward Robinson, Sr and Mother Judy Little, Supervisor of Women.  Jacksonville, Fla  and.


We relocated from Murphy, North Carolina in the heart of the Great Smokey Mountains back to Palatka, Fl after the murder of  son, Tyler Randolph Williams on July 17, 2020 in Sylva, North Carolina.  His death launched a new ministry outreach, Step by Step Womens Grief Ministry.  This ministry will  reach women who have lost loves ones as a result of homocide and suicide.


Step By Step Womens Grief Ministry For Victims of Murder and Suicide Survivors (stepbystepwgm.com) was birthed as a result of Tyler's Murder.  Visit the website for information, resources, upcoming events and Step by Step TV our 24/7 On Demand TV channel. There you will be blessed by our flagship broadcast Step by Step TV, hosted by Dr. Brenda Miller-Chambliss, ministry, music, testimonies, resources, information and Step by Step Grief Support.


If you would like more information or you have experienced the loss of a loved one as a result of a homicide or suicice loss, reach Dr. Brenda Miller-Chambliss by email, embassymediagroup@gmail.com or call me at (828) 835-2359  or click: stepbystepwgm.com.

Dr Will & Dr Brenda have been in Pastoral ministry for over 40 years combined and a part of Four: Jurisdictions Central Florida Second, the late Bishop C. D. Kinsey, Southwestern Florida the late Bishop Matthew Williams, Greater North Carolina, Bishop Leroy Jackson Woolard (above) and presently, Florida Central Second, Bishop Edward Robinson, Sr. Mother Judy Little, Superisor of Women. Left-Superintendent Will Chambliss and the Late Bishop Matthew Williams, General Board Member. 



Welcome to the ministries of The Embassy where the founders are Superintendent Dr. Will Chambliss and District Missionary Designate/Shepherdess, Dr. Brenda Miller-Chambliss. Our founders believe in the Five-Fold ministry gifts and operate as; Apostle, Prophetess, Pastor, Evangelist and Teacher. They are Media Missionaries as the founders of Body Builders Television Network (bbtvn.com) now in its 21st year, Proclaiming and Promoting the Classical Pentecostal Experience and Lifestyle streaming 24/7. 

Besides being Body Builders TV Founders, they Host and produce several broadcasts together and individually. Media Evangelism is a major part of our outreach. Click below to watch Body Builders Television Network (bbtvn.com) streaming TV 24/7  on  website and Roku the worlds #1 streaming platform. As we are in this Delta Variant all of our services are on Facebook Live from the Embassy Church of God in Christ home page (https://www.facebook.com/cogicpalatkafl) , Zoom, or Conference Call line.

Join us monthly for in person live service at the Ravine Gardens, 1600 Twigg Street, Palatka, Fl.  Click here and  blessed by Embassy COGIC TV featuring our church broadcast, Bible Studies, Conferences, Revivals, Crusades and live events. Make sure to watch  Body Builders Television Network (bbtvn.com) streaming 24/7, powerful ministry On Demand. 

Our Ministry Goal:  To promote the teachings of the Classical Pentecostal Holiness experience as taught in Acts 1:8 and Acts 20:32 through Live and Online Church services, Media Evangelism and Events. Tune into Embassy TV On Demand 24/7, click here and be blessed by hundreds of videos. 

Embassy TV On Demand Video Channel; click here to watch.

Welcome to the Embassy Church of God in Christ, Palatka, Fl. website. Our leaders are, Superintendent Dr. Willie C. Chambliss, III and District Missionary Designate/Shepherdess, Dr. Brenda Miller-Chambliss.

Our mission statement:

"To see the lost saved, the saved Holy Ghost filled with the evidence of speaking in tongues; then teach, train, equipt and launch them into Kingdom service".  




Make sure to website for Step By Step Womens Grief Ministry, For the Survivors of the Victims of Homicide and Suicide, stepbystepwgm.com. 

End Time Prophecy Series 2022

We are Proud members of the Florida Central Second Eccleasiastical Jurisdiction.

Left -Bishop Edward Robinson, Sr. Jurisidictional Prelate and Lady Cynthia Robinson.

Bishop Robinson is also the Pastor of Southside Church of God in Christ, Jacksonville, Fl. 

Left: Mother Judy Little, Supervisor of Women's Department, Floridia Central Second Eccleasiastical Jurisdiction and her husband; Superintendent Charlie Little, Firts Administrative Assistand and Supt West Coast District.

What do you know about End Time Prophecy, the AntiChrist, the Mark of the Beast or the Rapture? On Sunday January 2, we launched the series, " Maranatha: Even so Lord Jesus Come Quickly". This powerful teaching has become more than a series, but an Apostolic Mandate. 

The End Time Prophecy series of 2022 will take us from the Great Falling Away, The Rapture, Signs of Jesus return, Wars and Rumors of Wars, the Anti-Christ and the Book of Revelation, all 22 chapters.

Whether you are seeking a local church (Embassy Church of God in Christ, Palatka, Fl. ) a Pastors Network, (Embassy District)  or you want to grow as a member of our Boot Camp for the Bible Teaching notebooks from this series as, you do not want to miss one of the most powerful, apostolic series being taught today about the End Times and the Last Days. 

Follow Superintendent Will Chambliss as he takes us through the word in a prophetic study on the Last Days, End Time Prophecy and the return of Jesus Christ, " Maranatha: Even so Lord Jesus come quickly". 

 Sign up today to recieve the E-Source Catalog. There, you will find information on resources like: Bibe Study series; DVD's; C-D's, Podcast info and so much more. So, sign up and remember, it's free. Don't miss out, Sign Up!